lunch time!

What is a good packed lunch? Sometimes I crave my leftovers. Beef stew or baked pasta, warm and even better the next morning. I personally could not make a sandwich or a salad and bring it to work. When it comes to the lunch time desires, I am moody. I will usually be inspired by a memory or some random food article I come across and MUST have that very thing, or the next best thing. That leaves me unable to bring my lunch. I've done that and then ended up forced to eat it out of guilt then i feel unsatisfied but full. it's an ugly scene when jeannie is left unsatisfied.
so while my friends and co-workers dutifully pack lunch and save money, i'm off galavanting around the city trying to get my pho/ricotta&spinachpasta/porkchop/steak/mozzarella/kimchi on.


MrLittlePants 2:02 PM  

She's not kidding. We once ran out of kim-chee, and Jeannie pulled the chopsticks out of her hair and tried to stab my eyes out.

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