the only thing worse than being bored is being bored at work.
this is because when you are bored at home at least you can sleep or watch tv or be productive. like go buy a new toothbrush, clean your floor or launder your hand towels.
but when you are bored at work, you simply have to spend 9 hours feigning productivity. sure, there are "things" i could be doing. but that would entail major commitment to redoing my whole filing system for a few hours. and i'm not in the mood for any of the music on my itunes right now. so here i am posting, trying not to look like i'm having too much fun or typing many sentences in a row - because really how many sentences in a row do most people type at work, unless you are a writer?

i also wish that it wasn't 11:46 AM. and that my previous post would stop giving me a horribly annoying error message and post already!


bean 3:05 PM  

it's like you read my thoughts! although i do have the 'benefit' of being a writer.

Doctor Barnett 3:58 PM  

It's probably just paranoia, but I've had that feeling too. In the middle of a long post it starts to sound like Jane fucking Austen has invaded the office (and learned to type).

MrLittlePants 9:06 PM  

It is the worst. I'm always reading curbed and writing my weblog while keeping microsoft word and outlook open so I can click on them in an emergency. The minutes pass like hours.

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