past time

fyi what i've been up to at home during the winter break last week:

This is a wallet I made for C. As you can see i started his initials, CEM, on the lower corner and haven't gotten around to M. It's an annoying letter to embroider. The black fabric is a ribbed rayon I think I got from the corner fabric store in w'burg. The tree fabric i bought from equilter. Oh actually while i'm at it. I can't remember if I've posted the group of fabric from there - purchased about a month ago.

I also discovered the macro mode on my camera finally. Close ups here i come!!

I started a scarf for my friend fred a million years ago and i'm only halfway through. weep!

And finally, more fabric I just bought from equilter that I had to take a picture here at my office desk just a few minutes ago. shh.

I've been working on a quilt from the previous group of fabric and now that I have this additional group, my quilt will be even more colorful. Wish me luck because I have no idea how to quilt.
I also made a tote bag from supereggplant's tutorial. But I don't have a picture of that. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.


Leland 9:50 PM  

You go girl! I'm so impressed! Anytime you feel like making me a queen's quilt, don't let me stop you. xxoo

bean 10:20 AM  

that wallet is mad cool. the rare gift that combines creativity with actual usefulness. very classy.

davidlando4445 4:35 PM  

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