the rule of old thumb for the properly accessorized lady was to look in the mirror before you left your house and remove one accessory. whether a ring or hair thing, it used to be the wise way to make sure you didn't look like a harlot.
well we all have learned our mary kate lesson and things are waaay different now... you CAN wear a big necklace and HUGE sunglasses and you're still looking good (caveat: this only works in LA, people on the east coast STOP trying to be like LA celebrities... totally different rules when it's sunny all the time. makes ya crazy.).
ANYWAY, my point is - kanye might have wanted to look in the mirror and remove an accessory, or eight.

why can't we all accessorize with human beings??


bean 3:00 PM  

if i was an accessory, id want to be an earring. preferably the left.

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