coffee table

as much as i love crafting i also love home decorating. i think most crafty ladies do. I don't believe it takes a lot of money but it does take a bit of determination and patience. gina is right that i could totally make those shelves from my previous post! those images are from pottery barn's small apartment section.
But with a bit of lumber and my new drill it wouldn't be more than a day's work.

Also, nothing says lovin' like a coffee table book for your newly decorated pad: Assouline.

Also, more fashion week for ya in yer eye!!
luella, anyone who has been following knows her line at target is getting biggie big! but i must point out my appreciation for her use of these patterns and colors together.

I'm liking this silhouette from proenza schouler

i forget who this is... any guesses? love the belt on the fuzzy sweater.. (currently calculating my wardrobe possibilities)


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