I am teeming with all the things i'd like to say and still feeling that I have nothing to say at all. I purchased a FlickrPro account which I must say was worth it. I can now create more than three sets and my bandwith went from 20M per month to 2Gs. I am thinking about purchasing this scanner for my home so I can start archiving old photos that have no place in my tiny room. There is something special about holding an old photograph in your hands I must admit. The way they age is espcially nice. But at least once I archive them I won't have to keep them in an accessible place but instead I can store them away and feel like I can still look at them once in a while via the world wide webby. This scanner also stands on its side so it takes up less desk space... woohoo!


Doc Barnett 12:53 PM  

Steak, what a great find! We have an old flatbed scanner that is both a space glutton and a pain in the butt to use. (My own photo archival project has been going for a year and a half now without a single photo scanned.)

$120 is a little steep, but it's nice to know these exist. Get an affiliate link pls, so if I lose my head and spring for one you'll at least get a gut!

Doc Barnett 12:56 PM  

omg typo "get a CUT." I meant to hit preview but went for the big shiny blue button.

Jeannie 1:34 PM  

your verbal slip wasn't so far off. i just polished off a plate of penne and my belt isn't very happy with me...
what's an affiliate link?

Doc Barnett 2:40 PM  

You can sign up for a free “affiliate” account at Amazon, then when you happen to link to a product there you use an affiliate link. Someone buys it and they give you a ccccut.

Mrlittlepants set one up, since he links to cooking outils sometimes. We cleared out a corner of the apartment for the mounds of cash we expect from this scheme, something to dive into and laugh menacingly. So far it’s just been a demilitarized zone for mice.

Anyway, affil. links are nice to have just in case!

MrLittlePants 7:53 AM  

I think I've had three clicks so far, but no purchases. But I'll bide my time...

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