isn't it weird that it's become awkward to im someone at a late hour? as it is to call someone at a late hour?


c-ling 10:14 AM  

i dont think it's weird. who told you that? i think it's totally logical to im someone then. think about it. it's weird to call because you DONT KNOW if the person is in bed or something. but with im-ing, you already see that they're online, therefore not in bed or something, so it's guaranteed you're not bothering them (at least not in the way you seek to avoid by not calling). plus, you have the guaranteed connection of common interest--the fact that you're both awake at that hour.

Gina Kay 3:12 PM  

c-ling has a good point. If someone doesn't want to be reach they won't be logged on to IM

Jeannie 4:52 PM  

both very true. and i considered these things. but i can't help but feel that way sometimes with some people.
a late hour defines an immediate intimacy that wouldn't be there during the day.

waltermartin5065722892 3:29 PM  
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