a ha!

I like Claudine Ko because she's normal, has a cool job (writes/edits for jane & giant robot among others) and doesn't overwrite - see daily candy (sorry alex). so anyway, a little something from jane:

Why some Asian girls might seem like cold, stuck-up bitches.

Here's the scene: I'm washing my hands in the communal bathroom-sink area of this crowded Lower East Side bar where the DJ can't seem to decide if he's playing for a frat house or a sorority party. An okay-looking white guy exits a stall, sidles up next to me, and in his British accent, says, "I like your style." I glance at my reflection in the mirror: my hair is in braids, and I'm wearing an over-dyed navy blue military style jacket over green army pants. "Thanks," I say. To which he continues, "I went to China last year." —Claudine


Gina Kay 5:37 PM  

that's effed. you should always leave a bar that is playing lame music.

Jeannie 6:56 PM  

word. that's the true moral of this story...

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