one of the

best songs i know.

pharcyde - passin me by

leave me one of yours please.


bean 1:56 PM  
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Leland 6:30 PM  

"Don't let go" by SWV

HugeRash 1:32 PM  

Goin' Against Your Mind
Built to Spill / You in Reverse

Gina Kay 4:50 PM  

Cherry Chapstick by Yo La Tengo

Gina Kay 4:58 PM  

or empty page by sonic youth.
passin me by def. stays in my top 20 though!

Leland 8:01 AM  

Obviously Biggie's "Hypnotize" is best jam of all time, though.

Gina Kay 6:33 PM  

What song is Colby even talking about?

bean 1:22 PM  

'teach your children' - CSNY.

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