easy breezy...

saturday afternoon Leland arranged a surprise picnic for Nathan in sheep meadow. we had a great time all trying to find each other in a 15 acre spot, making sure we were all together on time for the 'surprise'. There was a lot of "i'm near the rock. no not that rock. the smaller one... on the north-ish, west rock." There was frisbee playing, music, lots of great food and shit talkin. Somehow we managed to finish two bottles of prosecco, 2 bottles of white, and one heine each, i was hungover before it was even nighttime. good times people good times...


Anonymous 3:29 PM  

Yes it was good times! :*

Nathan 3:30 PM  

by the way anonymous is Nathan. And I am quite tired of Blogger's comment system not working right!

Gina Kay 3:50 PM  

sweet photo

vero 4:38 PM  

i love this picture

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