And yes overalls are back in but what i mean, is overall - this is what i've seen from yesterday's shows. whew.. this is a lot of work keeping up with this shizz.
And a note, I'm not necessarily posting my favorites but from the dozen or so shows from yesterday, but instead picked up on some themes that I've noticed. Either way, there are a lot of clothes to be gawked at out there.

And with the help of my good friend Helvetica Neue, here they are:
(click to see bigger)

Left to Right: Oscar de la Renta, Max Azria and Luca Luca

Clockwise: Max Azria, Luca Luca, Myself by KK, and Proenza Schouler

Clockwise: Jeremy Liang, United Bamboo, Karen Walker, Google images, Max Azria, and Diane Von Fursetenberg

Shorts left to right: Proenza Schouler, Alice Roi, VPL
Skirts left to right:Jeremy Liang, Oscar de la Renta, Proenza Schouler


Gina Kay 5:20 PM  

I WANT AN APRON PIECE!!! love them. need one or two. Excellent review. Trends are moving towards simplicity while maintaining detail. I like!
Nice layouts Jeannius!

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