i haven't been up on the posting. i've been burrowing under the covers because it's been cold. i've also been trying to watch some good tv. i've been inventing a pink pill for happiness. i've been trying to build an underwater rollercoster while perfecting my bechamel sauce (the stirring, the constant stirring!). i've been pondering the exact amount of water it takes to keep a plant alive enough so as not to be smug and think it could live without me but just enough to eke out some decent leaves and keep me amused. i've been pondering what's cuter - a pug puppy or rabbits yawning. i've been subscribing to as many podcasts as possible because who can get enough npr? who dammit? i've been trying to spend my money on a lot of medium priced stuff so that i end up with nothing to show for it and an account balance of nearly zero. i've started a new ring that's half done but i've decided to start wearing it anyway. i've been thinking that i need to buy myself flowers but who has the money for that (see above). i've been trying to bore holes into the back of peoples heads with my stare. i've also been busy overwhelming myself with the prospect of a million projects but being paralyzed with the pressure decided i need to think about something else. i've been making meatballs and forgetting to put the egg in. i've been trying to levitate dogs with my mind power while they poop.


Leland 7:01 PM  

You could be doing all of those things over at my apartment right now while eating some of this huge pot roast, which will be ready at about 8:30. Come. Here. Now.

HugeRash 9:20 PM  

do or do not. there is no try.

Anonymous 1:31 PM  

this is your finest moment as a blogger.

Gina Kay 4:02 PM  

you've been busy :)

Gina Kay 2:59 PM  

that is the most adorable image ever... and fitting for you.

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