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I don't know about you guys but when podcasting first started I questioned why you wouldn't want to listen to the radio in real time, instead of episodes on your ipod. I really didn't understand the concept, clearly.

But earlier this year when Gina alerted me to the fact that npr shows were available on podcast, for free!, i jumped on the opportunity. Since then me and my podcasts have been inseparable. I've subscribed to various NPR shows - Wait wait don't tell me, This American Life and All Songs Considered are among them.

As you can imagine there are many Crafting Moments that can be tedious and repetitive. My nerdy podcasts help me cope. I've also subscribed to Grammer Girl, Basic French and Epicurious' Food and Drink. I now know how to inject olive oil in a turkey, how to tell someone mon oncle lives in Provence and when whom and who are the correct pronouns. A bit tooly of me? Possibly. But you love me anyway.

PS That ravishing creature above is none other than Ira Glass.


Gina Kay 5:33 PM  

I love your tooly ways.... and will forever love Ira

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