My bf is the big t-shirt fan - drawers and drawers full of them - i maybe own about 3 t-shirts with anything printed on them. But he's sort of opened a door for me and I started noticing them a little more.

It's a slippery slope because it seems anyone that can get their hands on a silkscreen will make their own t-shirts. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes it produces yawn-worthy, offensively unfunny, badly designed t-shirts. See - owls, deers, tromphe l'oeil, state love etc. also, "street" wear was big big big this year and even the snootiest high-end luxury designers have followed suit. ANYWAY, enough of that babble - because my readers either know it's old news or find this all terribly boring - i'm moving on to my point.

I somehow found these t-shirts through coutorture.com, on boundlessny.com. And I'm kinda liking them. I can see them really adding texture and color to my otherwise monochrome winter wardrobe. (please visit the site if you want to see them properly, my jpegs somehow have faded through my quark>pdf>photoshop>jpeg process. :T )

leopard, zebra, tribe called quest footprints, and straight stripes.


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