I'm a fan of pretty underwear. Who isn't really? But where are all the great lingerie companies that pricewise, lie in between the gap ($15 for three pairs) and agent provacateur ($300 for a bra)?? Not in the states I'm going to assume. Sure, I find a boutique here and there which carries lovely brands like natori, etc. - such as Sleep in wburg - but it's hard to come by.

I've found a couple of UK brands online and one in particular I'd like to share with you. St. Tropez! They even have cute tromphe l'oeil swimsuits, the camera strap is the strap of the bathing suit. :)

St. Tropez Leisure formed in 2001 by Sarah Fung and Benna Harry, who met studying for a Jewellery degree at Central Saint Martin’s Art & Design College in London. Disappointed because they could not find knickers that were sexy & cool, they designed their own. Casually they dreamt-up simple knicker & vest sets, which had a huge response. This included Swimwear the following season. Five years on, Sarah is now the sole director of the company & works with a group of friends in a London-based studio, where a majority of pieces are manufactured in-house, and also works as a freelance trend & design consultant..

Esquire Magazine UK featured St. Tropez Leisure's 'Wild In The Country' collection in a glossy 16 page pull-out supplement in October 2004 & celebrity clients have included Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Zoe Ball & Jade Jagger. Emma Bunton quoted in Instyle magazine that St. Tropez Leisure was on her 'Wish-list' ... and TV series 'Sex in the City' also had Carrie in a Jade Green Silk Motif Chiffon Bra. More recently St. Tropez Leisure lingerie has been used for an adaptation of the book 'The Devil Wears Prada', staring Meryil Streep. Sarah was also interviewed for UK television series 'How to look Good Naked' and was featured in a photo-shoot for Evening Standard magazine, December 2005.


Gina Kay 12:16 PM  


bean 10:43 AM  

by far your most triumphant post, and i didn't read a single word of it.

Joanna Goddard 11:25 PM  

so beautiful! i love the one in the top row center. i am a big fan of your blog. thanks, jeannie!

Jeannie 10:26 AM  

aww thanks joanna! love to hear there are people out there who enjoy my silly musings..

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