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I still have yet to take a picture of the little baggie i made. I'd like to take one during the daytime because the bag is black and it's too difficult to make out without flash.

anyhoo, i wanted to share my version of the gorgeous headband from the previous post. While I couldn't get my hands on 'gems' that large, in a way i did. ;P

Now if i can only wake up early enough to take pictures before I go to work, they wouldn't be as blurry as these are. maybe i need a clocky...

i wasn't clear that i made this headband - which is why it's a little wonky. and i "embroidered" the gems on.. hence wonkiness again. :)


Gina Kay 1:04 PM  

oh I like :)

Bworth 3:59 PM  

ooh, i like!
you should sell them, so you can afford a clocky.

Gina Kay 10:18 AM  

so are the jewels part of a fabric pattern or stitched in?

Jeannie 10:21 AM  

i stitched em in...

Gina Kay 2:44 PM  

Where's the wonky?

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