chop shop

here they are, pretty, harmless, unassuming - relatively affordable - jcrew dresses...

then BAM! jeannie and her photoshoppin skillz - ACCESSORIZE!!!

all from style.com

jacket - philip lim 3.1
purse - dries? erm
shoes/tights - marni

jacket - karen walker
purse/gloves - ysl
boots - missoni

jacket - philip lim 3.1
purse - ugh i totally blanked
shoes/tights - missoni


Jessica 7:30 PM  

I love how you put these clothes together and made something super awesome. Nice blog you got here!

Gina Kay 9:53 AM  


bean 3:27 PM  

who told you you can play god?

Pete 12:56 PM  

Oh Shit!
#1 and #2 are trying a bit, but # 3 is just being totally fabulous without a second thought. kudos to her for rocking out on the very edge of spontaneous assemblage ingenue.

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