fuh-fuh-fuh FELT

felt is an amazing material. it can be comfortable, warm, functional while also gorgeous, modern and inspiring.

picture via apartment therapy.

most of us know felt as the little sheets we cut and pasted onto collages when we were wee... but it can be so much more!!

I am having a love affair with felt. people are doing amazing things out there. you can buy sheets of felt or felt it yourself. That would require knitting something and then washing it in hot water OR actually wet felting with wool.

Below examples of wet felting with a needle from flickr. personally i like felting best when it results in animals.


From left to right:
Lilleyl, Linbadd, Sheena,


Gina Kay 10:36 AM  

Oh wow. You have told me about the felt before but its better than I imagined. I like the two headed chick.

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