ok if you read about women's fashion inevitably you've come across anya hindmarch's bag "i'm not a plastic bag." It's supposed to bring to light the overuse of disposable bags etc. from her site:

I’m Not A Plastic Bag came about because we wanted to use our influence in a positive way to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags. The bag is a stylish, practical reusable alternative that we hoped would raise awareness of the issue of wasted packaging and spark debate. We have always been very open about the fact that this bag is not produced using organic or fairtrade cotton. We have shipped the bags by sea and carbon offset our production and freight through the purchase of carbon credits.

The weird part however is that it's become an "It" bag. there are waiting lists, more waiting lists, US versions and UK versions.

"look i love fashion AND i care about the environment!"

it rang a few bells because only fashionistas would even KNOW about this bag let alone purchase the damn thing. and we all know fashionistas were never ones to care much about global or environmental causes (unless it came in the form of a really expensive fabulous benefit parties with celebrities.) anywho.. i bring this all up because 1. it's crazy and 2. a lovely lady from the UK has come up with a bit of a response. (Via StyleBubble)


below is anya hindmarch's quote for bagsnob (i can't help but feel a little skeevy after reading it.)

When I was first approached with this idea, it gave me the chills. It seemed so important. The thing that struck me was that when I started working at 18 years old in the late Eighties, I remember drinking double espressos and smoking Marlboro lights and working all day and night. I remember the cool young girls I started employing arriving with their yoga mats and pomegranate seeds and their plants on their desk for oxygen and me thinking it was all a bit ‘knit your own yoghurt’. But of course the reality is that now we all realise the importance of looking after your health, what you eat and what you do. It was these cool, fashionable influences that helped it become trendy."


Gina Kay 1:10 PM  

yeah. I have sneered at a few yoga-going-I-am-allergic-to-cigarette-smoke-coughing -need-a-coat-tail-to-ride peeps myself. I guess the end justifies the means thought :)

Brandon 7:23 PM  

What I don't understand is how can purchasing this bag be good for the environment when you have the ship it from around the damn world to get it. Plus, if it's not fairtrade, people are being exploited to make the damn thing!

Fuck buying carbon points, you can't be half-ass about saving the environment.

Joanna Goddard 8:44 AM  

i agree, the bag bugs me.

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