wake up call

I feel like most people would be afraid of a bright color paint. I can hear the thoughts - "i would get sick of it," "It would be too jarring," "It would clash with everything."
Personally, I think it would be great fun. Problem #1: I'll paint the small hallway. That way if i get sick of it it's hardly any effort to repaint. Problem #2 I like jarring. Problem #3 I think having one center focus or a major piece to inspire and cater to is the best way to manifest an overall feeling you may want. The picture to the right is from Domino and has inspired me to paint my hallway a very, very bright jewel tone. Who knows, maybe prada has gotten under my skin.
Seriously, EVERYWHERE (that i look).

praaaadaaaa... haunting you!

ok so this is what i'm thinking. any thoughts??


Gina Kay 11:18 AM  

Firstly, I must say that I love a jewel tone! I think that is a great idea for your hallway. It will also serve as a backdrop for the artwork there! do it.

Melissa 1:37 PM  

I agree with Gina - do it!

Anonymous 9:13 PM  

Bianca said...
The color is so brilliant and beautiful...now I totally get what you were trying to describe! it's a little tough to find an exact match...Joe thinks the color is darker, more like "Big Country Blue" Benjamin Moore Color Preview 2066-30. I think it is more like "Rocky Mountain Sky" BM CP 2066-40. Hmmm....It's so hard to tell. I'm on a mission now...unfortunately I only have this particular fan at my apt. I'm going to check it out at work tomorrow and see if there are some other matches...either way, it will look great! xo

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