apartment therapy posted about this post from blueprint magazine's blog. (whew.)
henry lau, seems to be a gentleman about town, sprinkling his knowledge and charisma to all that wander within his world(he wears a kimono on an everyday basis).

I wanted to show you what he's done with the lighting in his place. Instead of trying to hide the cords from his lights he's used them to embellish the walls.


i adore his approach to his apartment. While not everyone would be happy with florescent light bulbs or extension cords decorating their walls - one who gives any hoot about any sort of individual creativity must, at the very least, appreciate the beauty of the work he's put into his apartment. It suits the space, it suits what I imagine is his personality and frankly it was nice seeing something besides antlers and owls as decoration.

See bluelines for more pics.


Gina Kay 10:59 AM  

wow. this is beautiful!

stu 11:20 AM  

this rocks i love .

bean 1:52 PM  

that is really cool. it's alchemy - the ideal!

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