mail delivery

look what came in the mail for me yesterday:

Purl fat quarters

i know i'm going to make something sweet for my sister's soon to be here baby


Joanna Goddard 5:42 PM  

so pretty!!! i love those calming and lovely pastels.

Brandon 11:13 AM  

Someone please explain why "fat" is in the title?

Jeannie 12:02 PM  

Fat Quarter: a common fabric measurement in the US. Fat quarters are pre-cut pieces of cotton quilting cloth, taken from one yard of fabric, cut in half lengthwise, and in half widthwise, rather than lengthwise. This is often a more useful shape, approximately 18" x 22", than a normal quarter-yard cut, measuring 44" x 9".

stu 12:18 PM  

I love fat quarters.

Gina Kay 10:19 AM  

are these quilt materials?! so sweet.

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