i got nuthin.

I don't know. I couldn't find the cord to connect my camera this morning so i can't give you what i really wanted to.
but here's something i've had sitting on my desktop for more than a minute -
expect to see a lot more purple and orange this fall. sorry if you've read about this already - i put it off and now i'm 'late' in the game.
people are not as scared and will use more color to go with their winter grays, blacks and blues. or maybe i'm just hoping they will.

in their clothing:
balenciaga/anna sui/bottega veneta

and in their accessories.
dries van noten/dries van noten/michon shur


Gina Kay 12:53 PM  

mmmm... fall fashion. I love lots of neutrals with carefully selected bold colors.
These are amazing picks... as always ;)

brando 9:23 PM  

Balenciaga was my FAVORITE collection this past spring- I keep looking at it hoping to get some design inspiration. I would kill to know how to sew and copy that stuff!

stu 5:02 PM  

word to the wise dries is not open in paris on sundays. grrr

bo 11:50 AM  

nicholas ghesquiere is the greatest effin designer. he is genius. he has a big penis, i am sure of it. i want to have his babies and dress them in little blazers.

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