Axis of ugly

Unfortunately, unattractive and unwearable - rendering the items overpriced.
also unfortunately from my asian male trifecta:
Peter Som, Derek Lam, and Ben Cho.

nono and no
"Jacket too long! Satin trim! skirt too big! why oh why with that necklace??"

"Costume for high school West Side story performance! In a bad way!"

"She just went shopping for her outfit at Kenneth Cole and Nine West ... in 1994!"

ooh judgey-wudgey was a bear yes?

Fortunately Thakoon and Philip lim still tickle me.


Bworth 4:44 PM  


ha, it's funny because it's true. That's a lot of sateen for one jpg.

Gina Kay 10:35 AM  

Som has let me down. Agreed. These all look cheap.

Jessica 11:18 AM  

very clever and funny post!! I didn't mind Ben Cho as much as you did...haha

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