Ok ok so i skipped right over London. I couldn't help it. I took at peek at Milan and got too excited and had to address these new lines right away.

One of the quintessential Italians, Miuccia Prada, brought her game this year. No more of the silky gem colored turbans (though highly sought after) but instead, illustrative prints, dreamy colors, flowy fabrics and tons of texture. I love to see a designer with imagination.

The new silhouettes alone! Bell bottoms, long skirts with vests, calf length loose pants - my mind is going to burst.



Gina Kay 3:03 PM  

you are right on the money with the game bringin'. Prada is always impressive. But this is a break from the same old silhouettes, though delightful, we've been watching for a while now. Bravo Prada, baby and thanks for the update Jeannius!

Jessica 10:27 PM  

she was definitely on point with this collection and I am not a usual fan of her work...I loved it and the mix of prints was amazing!

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