will wonders never cease?

Or rather will Nicholas Ghesquière never cease to amaze?
Balenciaga is a name that's thrown around even by little girls shopping for knock off bags with extraneous tassels and zippers, looking to impress their buddies. This is one of those clothing lines that inspire so many branch off designs - I don't think most of the public are aware of how amazing this stuff is at its birth.

Just a sampling.


I can't help but admit I wish there was some more variance. Although this man really knows how to show what's inspired him. In the past metallic patched gold leggings, inspiration? robots. This time, it's sports cars, "Instead of a put-together thing like last season, I wanted total looks—ensembles, as we say in French," Ghesquière explained, "with graphic volumes like car bodywork. Sports cars!"

Style.com shared a quote from Ghesquière, "I've done prints before, but I never went to the flowers." This really excited me. I've been on the hunt for liberty prints and 'good' floral prints.

I want a neutral base, tiny floral patterns that don't repeat so often, it's really hard to find. Large prints with gem-like colors have been dominating for the fall. They're great and all, but large prints make me look short - keep that in mind ladies with chests and ladies under 5'6".

Anyway, below is an image of Chlöe Sevigny's line for Opening Ceremony - a liberty print bustier which i adore. And a random liberty print blouse found through Google. This print is... nice, but when it comes to button downs I have a hard time buying online. Most don't fit me very normally, it's due mostly to a slightly longer torso and boobs.


so really, the search continues.


Gina Kay 4:41 PM  

nice! I used to have a liberty-ish printed jumper with sphere buttons.

hugerash 3:47 AM  

i've just finished a couple of liberty projects. i will send you a sampling! shhhhhhhhhhh

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