happy holidays

here's your present.
(click on pic for article. crolbinator, this made me think of you.)


Gina Kay 11:32 AM  

This makes me happy. I love stories of successful collaboration. New York IS for everyone....willing to bust there ass day in and day out. Thanks Jeannius!

bean 1:07 PM  

that is AWESOME. (and thanks for the shout-out). mr. corrigan is clearly a disgruntled dog owner, or general pet hater.

i LOVE deli cats. well, i love all cats i guess, but it is a nice treat to be able to say hi to a little one as youre pulling a sixer out the fridge.

does have to be the right cat though. for instance, you couldnt have tosca competing with the mice for most feces dropped on the floor, n'est-ce pas?

and, in all fairness, if there's one cat who WOULD be able to shed hair on a sandwich, it would be brady.

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