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Bill Blass / Missoni
Extreme skirts - Big "manly" skirt vs. A boxy cartoon jacket over a teeny tiny mini
My only suggestion with the two of these is that you don't have a lot on top.  If you're larger chested the big skirt will make you look large and dowdy all over.  And with the tiny skirt and boxy jacket? You'll look like you're going to topple over.


Chanel / Balenciaga
Extreme jackets - I see this as a Mary Kate vs. Ashley silhouette
The oversized sweater requires a sense of humor and keep everything fun.  The teeny jacket requires you keep things long and lean underneath.  The vertical rectangle represents the body - you can see that the larger oversize jacket makes the body appear small but you can have a bad case of the stubbies if you're not careful. the short jacket can make you look taller but can accentuate anything you may not want to call attention to on top. 


Versace / Vera Wang
Balance act - manly jacket with a pencil skirt / loose pants with sensual fur and silk
Also see how they both have the two V shapes going on but in very different ways? You're eyes follow down the the waist then down to the shoes. Sex appeal all the way...


Miss Woo 11:38 AM  

I'm quite keen to experiment with the oversize/oversize style this season, if only for the fact that I still have not lost my Christmas weight, haha.

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