Couture Math

I'm a simple lady and sometimes I can't help but try and create some sort of linear equation to understand ideas. I like to try and guess who/what designers were thinking of when they create couture shows - they're a lot of fun relative to ready to wear. So this equation is what occurred to me when I saw the Dior show the other day.


ps that's goldie hawn circa laugh-in


Gina 11:26 AM  

that's great! who is the blonde?

bean 12:01 PM  

this is genius, pure and true. goldie was so cute pre-botox. i can barely look at her now, although she's not so bad as m. griffith.

i dont think i need to tell you i have a habit of boiling everything down to its elements, myself.

there's a great scene in 'the player,' where two writers are pitching a movie to a producer. they say it's about a tv star who goes to a small village in africa to feed children, and they want julia roberts for the role. so they tell the producer, 'it's like pretty woman meets out of africa, but with a heart - in the right place.' always loved that.

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