Obvioso - Blazers

Ok I'm about three days late - But honestly I wanted to get a sense of what was out there before i rampantly started posting.

One major thing that stands out is the modern take on men's style blazer. shoulders to fit a woman, exciting fabrics and colors - as far as double breasted or single, the trend seems to be keep it loose and low. i'm sure y'all could find amazing thrifted blazers then wear them with your favorite skinny jeans or what have you. i like reporting but i love to see the individual interpretations!!


clockwise from top left
Proenza Schouler / Rachel Comey / Boy by Band of Outsiders / the Gap! / Obedient Daughters / Chris Benz

The Gap version is a bit off but I think you wouldn't mind tossing it after a few seasons as it's under $50.


Bworth 1:59 PM  

damn you proenza schouler, I don't want to love you, but that jacket is fabulous. same with you, boy.

Steak, thanks for the fashion week posts!

stugert 4:03 PM  


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