Une femme est une femme

A few weeks ago I watched Godard's A Woman is a Woman. Starring none other than fashion muse and sweetheart Anna Karina. My friend Fred is a big fan of hers, but honestly how could you not be?
I personally loved each frame - every moment had perfect colors and composition.

I apologize for the quality - these were cell phone camera pictures... of a dvd....playing on a computer. :/

A Woman is a woman

a woman is a woman

a woman is a woman

a woman is a woman

Even the DVD menu was super cute.

a woman is a woman


Jelsen 10:20 AM  

teehee, you said 'super cute'.
and now i MUST netflix this. these stills look great.

Miss Woo 11:55 AM  

I love Anna Karina, she is my number 1 fashion icon..

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