House Envy

I don't have either the confidence or the naivete to leave home and live in a barn - I am comfortably, and sadly, an average city dweller. But that doesn't mean I can't dream. :)

In my dreams my home would look like this:

the colors and textures and lighting!

i adore these flowers

The dark wood + the galvanized steel + stark white porcelain = gorgeous!

J. Morgan Puett has a beautiful home.
via NYTimes


Jessica 10:39 AM  

these are amazing photos. I am jealous of this person, that bedroom!!

Bahareh & Jelsen 10:27 PM  

slumber partay!

Joanna Goddard 9:30 AM  

that bed is insane.

Myriem - Sofas 12:50 AM  

This looks so beautiful. Very nicely done. I love this. Thanks.

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