Oscar the slouch

Resort by JC Penney!
Just kidding, is it just me or does oscar de la renta's resort line look like a knock-off of itself??


I just feel like the shapes are boring - not classic with flirt like he usually is - and the colors are so old navy fall palette. None of these things are wrong per se, just that they're priced almost as high as clothing can be priced and I don't see anything interesting or forward thinking about it.

And in addition, I was happy to see one of my crushes, a rarely seen Tracee Ellis Ross at the opening of the Alexander McQueen store in La La Land.

from style.com

Also Beth Ditto rocking a rainbow caftan from McQueen. Love!

from style.com

all photos from style.com


Regitze 9:31 AM  

That is excatly the way I felt when I saw the Oscar de la Renta collection!! :) I so agree with you!

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