Black Beauty

It's 2008 and we're having this conversation now?


Why are we making this statement at this moment - putting black models on the cover of Italian Vogue? Usually change comes from the outside and inspires fashions, it take a lot for the fashion community to band together and create change from inside. Perhaps it's because fashion has become so much more omnipresent, affecting people who don't usually pay attention. Maybe it's a good time to make a statement... it's just too bad the industry took this long to make a statement.

Maybe in ten years we'll have an Asian model cover...

Also, doesn't Tyra look beautiful? I feel like the stylist on America's Next Top Model trannify her so much that it's become really refreshing to see her like this.


all pictures by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue


Anonymous 8:07 PM  

It is fabulous that the July issue is the all black issue, black models need just as much coverage as everyone else! Although Vogue is not the major arbiter of equality, but at least it is a step in the right direction. And yes Tyra does look beautiful!
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