Resort much?

I think that being interested in fashion is just as specific as being interested in interior design. Just because you have a home doesn't mean you know who designed your chair or who Didn't design it for that matter. So no one should ever expect a random person to know any designers or know that the shoes they're wearing are "so last season." The moment I start to think that way please put me out of my misery.

However,I think people like to look good and know that there is clothing out there they wish they could afford or know more about. Certain things like price and couture shows make fashion very exclusive and a seemingly unapproachable club. This is a large discussion I'm breaching here and I don't wish to get TOO into it. That said, I think this elite club is doing a good job opening the world up; young designers are bringing their talents to places like Target and Uniqlo because all their friends are the same as our friends - poor and cute as hell. The key that allows people to express their interest in fashion is cost and wearability. A fashion newbie isn't going to dive right into Comme de Garçons or Christopher Kane. More likely Narcisco Rodriquez or Michael Kors. The reason I get into this is because I was going through the resort shows and I think resort is the most approchable often of seasons. It's meant to be easy, breezy and comfy. And you're meant to look hot in it! One of my very favorite very wearable (and very young) designers this year so far was Jenni Kayne. I'm such a fan of clean, feminine shapes and color blocks.

These three outfits would make me die a happy woman.


And while I'm at it, my other favorites by a landslide.
Top row Celine
Second row Yigal Azrouël
Bottom row Isaac Mizrahi (!) / Jonathan Saunders


Joanna Goddard 4:23 PM  

oooh, love Jenni Kayne!!! thanks for the intro.

Gina Kay 11:24 AM  

I used to have a pair of adidas the same colors as the lower right. I love acidic colors

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