Long ago I lost my Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses. Then I found them hiding behind my filing cabinet at work! Yay!

But then I lost them again. Boo!

For real this time. Cry.

It's really hard for me to find glasses I like, look good on me and that I can afford. I had found the lost pair on ebay for a great price and I was really torn up when I misplaced them. (For the record, I swear I left them on a deli counter and when I went back that afternoon, everyone was innocently ignorant of them. suspicious!)

Anyway, I vowed to semi-devotedly search for them at an even greater discount on the Great Interweb since then. Lucky for me Closet Cupcake was getting rid of her gently loved tortoiseshell version via her site closetcupcake.blogspot.com.

Of course the sunglass gods (demons?) decided that they would try one last time to keep them from me and got the postal carrier to be all difficult resulting in handwritten notes to him, SOS emails to Cupcake, and desperate pleas to return the package to me without signature - Oi! It was enough to make me squint.

Anyway, Closet Cupcake is a super sweetheart and when she finally received the glasses back a month later (due to a annoying return to sender problem) she promptly sent them right back to me, this time without signature requirement.
Now I can frolic in the sun!


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