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Le Vestiaire de Clé, is the blog of a children's fashion designer. I am not sure who the gorgeous girl who models for her is but frankly she woke me up out of my blog slumber. I find her refreshing, adorable, tasteful and very stylish. I'm sick of seeing the same thing over and over - but I don't expect busy women to start shopping for new stuff like it's their job. Rethinking basics gives you a new silhouette...

Sigh musey.
PS I CANNOT get that junya watanabe stripey shirt out of my head...

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Gina Kay 11:44 AM  

I love clunky shoes and tiny jackets :)

L.Cerre 12:14 PM  

I agree. the clothes are so simple and chic without trying so hard. And the model is so refreshing. so alive. so youthful. so good.


2 or 3

emily 12:59 AM  

omigosh, that is all so fabulous!

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