Eternal Child

eternal child

i'm really enjoying this sweater. I learned about Eternal Child on Refinery 29. The Istanbul based designer, Gul Gurdamar, describes her thoughts, "I like imperfection, twisted things, playfulness, recklessness, contradictions." I like refinery29's description, "Never immature or ironic, her knitwear rescues the complexity of femininity with the celebrated moxie spirit of youth—a narrative that continues to evolve with each season."

I'm sharing all this nonsense with you because I like that idea. I like that your clothing can be beautiful, fun, individual and mature but does not convey a person who takes themselves or their clothing too seriously. When a woman dresses you should see the woman not her clothing.


L.Cerre 10:43 PM  

I love this cardigan. so intelligent..it has a prada sensibility. --lee (2 or 3)

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