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I saw Beautiful Losers this weekend. I was looking forward to it but I didn't know what to expect. The movie really focused on the purity of the artists' intentions. The film their work simply as doing makes them happy and implied that somehow because most of them were not classically trained they were free of the "rules" of fine art. That they were free to do what made them happy, often how children draw with no insecurity, it allowed them to not have to question themselves ever.


Because the film had to cover so many people on top of keeping focus on the actual art show Beautiful Losers, it didn't get into most of their personal struggles or how and why they were the ones to become more popular than others. The film did however touch a little bit on the dilemma of working with ad agencies while keeping their fans and peers still interested.

Also on my mind - I'm excited for fashion week. It's a good birthday gift to me. :P

Mostly on my mind - today is my first day of non-work. I quit my job and will be starting school on Sept. 2. I'm excited and scared and excited and stressed and nervous and worried and excited.

Recently on my mind, this past weekend I met up with Jessica of Shiny Squirrel, Lee of 2 or 3 things, Kate of Forme-ForYou, Porter of Porter Polaroid Project, Sarah of Coutorture, and Charu of Butterfly Diary, . What a wonderful group of women - hope to do it again soon.


bean 10:39 AM  

excited and scared and excited and stressed and nervous and worried and excited. amen to that, sister! i feel you.

Jessica 5:56 PM  

I saw the movie last night and really liked it. what did you think? How are things coming along?

porter hovey 8:44 AM  

Yes! It was sooo much fun. We all have to do it again very, very soon!

Sarah 10:55 AM  

It was lovely to meet you as well. I wish we had more time to chat!

Kate 12:44 PM  

It was so great meeting you, too! Definitely have to do it again.

hugerash 3:07 PM  

i'm glad you got to see it. i like the success aspect of it but didn't find the movie particularly insightful. it was kind of like reading the comments in stranger's yearbook. however, they're holding beautiful loser workshops which i think are great:


i'll be helping out with one next week on shoes and storytelling!

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