Vintage Ankle Boots


I'm selling them on Ebay
see here.


L.Cerre 12:26 AM  

these are fantastic. incredible leather. - lrr

Gina Kay 11:06 AM  

wish I had tiny feet

m.c 9:20 AM  

Wait, why haven't I heard about these? I am masterful at squeezing my feet into shoes too small. I WANT!

Joanna Goddard 1:52 PM  

i just saw these on refinery 29's ebay blog -- i didn't know they were yours!

i wish i didn't have giant man feet.

Jeannie 5:29 PM  

so weird joanna, i don't see them anywhere on her blog! well that's definitely awesome that she posted it thanks for the heads up.

porter hovey 3:58 PM  

ohhhh!! those are just totally perfect!!

Jessica 12:24 PM  

waht size because i love them and want them immediately!

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