Consuela Castiglioni


Where she is...


and where i am. ;)

I can only hope that I remember to have fun and have a sense of humor about it all like she does.


Gina Kay 7:53 AM  

I like it when designers use vivid colors but the overall effect is elegant.
so excited for you sweet pea. Love to see your project updates.

L.Cerre 3:37 PM  

its so great that your going to fashion school!

ps: i've started a fashion mag with a couple of parson's fashion students. you should check us out. We're called ALICE. let me know if your interested.-lee

Mila 4:14 PM  

Oooh i adore this collection so much!
To be honest, i adore this woman and everything she does.
She's one of a kind and i am loving all of her collections!

Thanks for sharing, dear.


Jessica 11:16 AM  

I just love these shoes..oh my hod i am drooling all over them,

Joanna Goddard 5:28 PM  

those shoes will bite!

i'm excited for you :)

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