Train the brain

How do you train your brain to focus on one project with an overarching theme without being distracted by other ideas and other inspirations?


How do you know when it's a good concept that will help you produce endlessly or it's a shallow concept that falls flat just when you get started?
I guess you just don't. You just have to do.

For the sake of procrastination, let's revisit oldies but goodies shall we?

Please be sure to watch this one all the way through.

Made the same year as Chris Cunningham & Bjork's All is Full of Love

above pic from Yohji Yamamoto book scanned by me


susan 3:46 PM  

i remember that mcqueen show. (at the time, i thought it was over the top.) and love chris cunningham!

yes, we should def hang out when i'm in ny! i go back a few times a year. i do think we will have a lot to talk about. :)

please blog about what you're doing after school ends! (i think it's over for you?) i'm so interested in what people are doing with their degrees. i was tempted to go back for the same thing.

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