the hump

today was a long day. this week was a long week... which is not yet over
my friends and my bf, chris, threw me a surprise party last saturday. it was beautiful! It was also my roommate's birthday and it was a dual party, bar/bat mitzvah themed. don't ask.
anyway, as i reel from this weekend's festivities i'm having a hard time dealing with the long work days.

i just realized that no one took any pictures during the party. booo! But it was on my roof in brooklyn so we had a delicious view of the city. my sis and mother provided some booze and food, which was very sweet of them! my friends are such generous, thoughful folk.


MrLittlePants 11:46 PM  

It was a fabulous party! I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures, but I remember it like it was yesterday. We need to go sunbathing up there, then I'll take pictures. Yeah, let's do that, with some frozen margs!

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