queens is the heartland

The biggest complaint about manhattan is how expensive everything is. (let's ignore the complaints about small apartments and no trees or grass, because really that all comes down to the warped value of things in the end anyway.)

this complaint is also true for crafting goodies. Yarn, fabric, etc are available in many locations across this little island - but not at queens/jersey/outer area prices.
Fabric Bonanza in queens and smiley's yarns in jamaica is the way to go. cheapy cheapy!! Smiley's also hosts a great sample sale hosted by hilton or marriot hotel in midtown once a year. All the ladies line up for their discount cashmere yarn, for hours! the cute thing is that they all knit while waiting on line. I went last year and got some cheap alpaca wool skeins. but the best discounts were tools! i bought a gauge ruler, markers, stitch holders and needles all for about a dollar each.

Look at the classy yarns they sell...

Just kidding, i have no qualms about knitting with acrylic yarns, really few people can tell the difference between a good acrylic and wool and at least you can wash the acrylic. Or some lucky dog ends up with your teeny tiny sweater.


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