i am collecting fabric. so when i am suddenly inspired i have a bountiful resource of materials. these three blue fabrics i bought only because they were too cute not to have. Hens, chickens and don quixote on his horse!! Purchased from my new favorite fabric site equilter. The other two green ones will be cut down to tiny pieces for a potential quilt brewing in my brain. Quick random complaint by the way: there are two competing newpaper vendors at union square waiting to thrust a free paper in your face as you try and manage the staircase, which is frustrating as it is without them. They stand about three feet away from each other, "metrometrometro freemetrofreemetro" with a backup of "getyourAMNYAMNY, get yourAMNewYork" in your other ear. No one grabs these papers because they are leaving the station. Who grabs a paper AFTER the subway ride??? I can see if you were to buy a nyt to read on and off all day but an AMNY? for afternoon perusal? no, i don't think so.

I also have a bunch of beads i bought this summer, thinking that i may make something for the renegade craft fair. The wooden beads with the stripes have a very very tiny hole that does not accomodate the leather string i bought. these large beads are also quickly going out of style, a la mary kate olsen.


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