holidays have begun

c and i threw a holiday dinner. well really it was a dinner prepared by peter denyse chris and i - for our friends this past sat.
quickly, menu was
hor d'ouvres: an amazing three swiss cheese fondue recipe from chris' family. roasted zucchini in fillo dough with a dab of sour cream, proscuitto w/ parsnip & raisin in fillo dough, and finally mango and tomatillo peppers also in fillo dough. (we really worked that fillo.)

1. winter squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds
2. goat cheese, carmalized walnut, beet salad with walnut vinegarette
3. beef borguignon or mushroom/red pepper w/ polenta gratin
4. cherry & chocolate creme brulee or a trifle
and coffee

turned out wonderfully and thanks to all who made it... i can't wait for next year's!


bean 8:19 AM  

methinks the cherry & chocolate creme brulee was made by dionysus himself. the food was amazing. and im so glad the pics were taken before i gifted the tablecloth a gorbachevesque red wine stain.

MrLittlePants 12:56 PM  

Wow! That looks amazing! I'm so sorry I missed it--please have another next year!

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