mother, watch your children...

Last night C and I went to dinner and a show, a gift from my sister. Dinner - Burger Joint in the parker meridian. I never met a burger I hated. I've disliked some. but i could never hate such a beautiful thing. Mrlittlepants and i are similar that way. We both have the same habit: when we are in a new restaurant and they have a burger on the menu, we feel compelled to order it. I feel it's my duty to collect this particular information. anyway, on my most recent experience, i wasn't very impressed. It was yummy, I ate it quickly and the veggies were fresh. I can't really justify all the hype. I think it perhaps came at a time when people were burger crazy. It seemed everyone jumped on the wagon.
A side thought: sometimes i feel that a burger's bun is what makes the burger. If you can cook a decent medium to medium rare and the meat isn't rotten, chuck is chuck (especially when you are trying to make a plain burger not one of fancy spices and new experimental tastes). If the bun is almost wet like moist dough (like potato bread, but without the sweet flavor) i am in heaven. Burger Joint's bun was very good, but the burger itself did not keep par. My favorite burger is still Corner bistro. My second is not far behind, Shake Shack.

Corner bistro burger - juicy flavorful bacon and cheese. perfection.
shake shack - a rare success at adding a sauce to a burger. great bun!

Anyway, we moved onto see the Alvin Ailey dance group at the City Center. I've seen the NYC Ballet many times and I love going. The ballet is a great place to go in the city. The tickets can be very cheap, it's exciting to be a part of old ny and it's important to remember that there is life above 14th st. I must point out that the Ailey dancers were something very special. I don't know if can still watch the NYCB and appreciate it after I have experienced dancers with such charisma and talent. The songs they used were great! Immediately find and download this song Cry. "mother watch your children!" It's a hot '70s song, and was a hot dance, dedicated to 'Black women everywhere, especially our mothers." I love it.


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