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i think red potatoes are always more delicious than the average idaho potato.
softer and more flavorful. and the skin adds some texture and color to whatever you will make. There is of course a time and place for the good ol' idaho. but i almost always opt for a nice baby red potato.

I'm starting a jewelry class at Studio 174 in williamsburg next february. it should be great fun! also trying to start a sewing class perhaps at SewFastSewEasy. It's great working on all the things i'm trying to achieve here, but you can only go so far on a knack for crafts. you gotta go ahead and learn from the professionals at some point if you ever want to make anything worth keeping. or giving for that matter!
This weekend mel and i went to the craft store and had a knit fest at her place. pictures of the craftiness to come...


Doctor Barnett 5:08 PM  

Agreed. Who can even eat a whole idaho potato anyway?

MrLittlePants 9:41 PM  

Red potatoes rule. I love a boiled red potato on its own, maybe with just a bit of Maldon.

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