usually when someone does something so ridiculous on the road like stop at a greenlight or drive for many miles taking up two lanes, you'll pass them angered and ready to flip someone the bird. But you as you approach their front seat, you see it's a teeny tiny old person. and then you feel badly and instead talk to yourself about what a bad idea it is for that 4' tall woman or half blind man to be driving the roads.

from slate -
Cities are inviting old people to trade in their cars for rides. The car buys you an account, from which you draw each time you call in for a ride. Rationales: 1) Old drivers are even more accident-prone than teenagers. 2) They don't use their cars much anyway. 3) Friends and family can add to their accounts by donating rides or money. 4) Old folks like to spend from their accounts instead of begging friends or family. (For additional ways to limit accidents among older drivers, click here; for Human Nature's take on raising the retirement age, click here.)

that's a great idea. i would think if you failed an senior's driving test you would be subject to donate your car and use this process. i feel like driving is a privilege and not everyone should be allowed to drive.

my favorite product this wednesday:

This is to be worn under see through shirts, (white tank tops make you look bigger than you are, and black tank tops affect the shirt you are wearing over it.) Nude color undergarments disappear. yet don't show anything you don't want anyone to see. can you say nips?


The Reverend Jon Boles 10:08 AM  

I don't ever feel bad.
I go ahead and run them off the road, just like I would any young punkster.

Ok, not really. I tend to just bottle my discontent for when I write. Not that it shows, or anything.

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