this is a moment when i actually wished i had more readers.
I want to know everyone's favorite brand names. Not necessarily because of the product but the actual name. I am wondering what everyone thinks of brand names. i.e. do people respect the names like Michael Kors or prefer names like Nom de Guerre?
I think i may have to also post this question on craftster.


Doctor Barnett 12:45 PM  

I don't much like brand names in foreign languages since they'll always be pronounced wrong. (Worst: Hermès) I like names referring to everyday things, like Apple. Or, in its era, "the gap." Dove. (Seriously!)

Jeannie 1:12 PM  

nothing more horrible than hearing someone confidently spout "her-meez!"

bean 5:23 PM  
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bean 5:26 PM  

there are more horrible things, but ill grant you: not many.

it's interesing (maybe) -- i've been trying to think of the brand names i like but i cant for the life of me separate how i feel about the name itself from how i feel about the products associated with it. as a base example, i was about to say i've come to trust the name 'kellogg's' but it's just b/c i always liked their cereals more than the general mills ones. it has nothing to do with the name. and 'general mills' sounds boring, but i think that if i liked their cereal better, id make some argument about how it's a good, inherently trustworthy name and i like it.

like, i like how 'nike' means 'victory' in greek and i used to love their shoes, but now the word nike makes me think of sweatshops in southeast asia, so...

i cant separate the aesthetic sound from the experiential feelings.

im always surprised at how much my feelings about something affect what i think about it's aesthetic. but they do, they do!

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